Coach Bhairy


Empowering Futures

Welcome to Coach Bhairy, where we cater to a diverse range of individuals and organizations seeking personal and professional growth. Our services are designed to benefit:

  • Parents of students aged 13+ to 18 years and students, offering guidance and support in career planning and counseling.
  • Working parents who are looking for effective strategies in emotionally intelligent parenting and balancing work-life responsibilities.
  • Parents and children facing challenges related to study skills, anger management, and focus issues, providing valuable interventions for their growth and development.
  • Working professionals seeking career transitions, offering personalized coaching to help them navigate their professional journeys.
  • Corporates aim to enhance workplace effectiveness, communication skills, and leadership qualities through our tailor-made interventions.
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMSEs) in sectors such as retail, manufacturing, tourism, and automobile, providing specialized support to promote growth and success.
  • Individuals eager to enhance their communication skills and establish a strong presence in their personal and professional interactions.
  • Individuals striving to achieve their success goals, providing guidance, mentoring, and actionable strategies to unlock their full potential.

Unlocking Potential

At Coach Bhairy, we believe that every student deserves the guidance and support to navigate their career path with confidence and clarity. We are here to be that guiding light, offering meaningful interventions to students, professionals, individuals, and parents. From constructing career paths to enhancing performance, realizing goals, and understanding effective parenting styles, we provide a comprehensive approach to empower students and pave the way for their future success. Together, let’s embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and chart a course towards a fulfilling and prosperous career.


  • Career Planning Workshops
  • Career Counseling
  • Career Coaching
  • Parenting Education Workshops
  • Executive Parenting Communication Workshops
  • Emotional Intelligence Workshops
  • Workshops on Anger, Anxiety, and Exam Stress Management
  • Teacher Training and Teaching Effectiveness Workshops
  • Workshops on Emotional Intelligence at Workplace
  • Workshops on Effective Workplace Behavior & Communication
  • Personal Success Blueprint Workshop
  • Group Coaching & Mentoring for UG students
  • Communication Competence Workshop
  • Career Success Induction Orientation Program
  • Collaborations with individuals/professionals/agencies for allied activities
  • Webinars on Career Planning, Parenting Education, Personal Success Blueprint